VPN routers

///VPN routers
  • Technical features

    • Versatile business VPN router with LTE/4G cellular networking for up to 300 Mbps (CAT6)
    • Wi-Fi operation at 2.4 or 5 GHz with up to 867 Mbps via IEEE 802.11ac or 300 Mbps via IEEE 802.11n
    • SD-WAN – automatic VPN- and VLAN configuration with the LANCOM Management Cloud
    • SD-WLAN – automatic Wi-Fi configuration via the LANCOM Management Cloud
    • Gigabit Ethernet interface with PoE (802.3at)
    • Secure site connectivity with 5 simultaneous IPSec VPN connections (25 channels optional)
    • Network virtualization with up to 16 networks on one device (ARF)
    • Security Made in Germany
    • Maximum future compatibility, reliability, and security
  • VPN site connectivity via high-speed LTE/4G or external modems

    This router gets you connected, whatever type of Internet connection you have; be it a fast connection via LTE/4G, or external modems backed up by LTE/4G—all secured by VPN. For example, where there is no wired Internet connection on site, the router offers professional primary access via the LTE-Advanced/4G cellular communications at up to 300 Mbps.